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CyberFun Tech wishes all a lovely year. Big things are coming

Since 1943, CyberFun Tech has been a company dedicated to explore and push the limits of the modern world's technology, and what better way to do so than entertaintment,

Originally founded by Jason Poolt
rick (1889-1952), C.T. started as a company made to manufacture small Casino machines and games, it's first creation being the Advanced Jackpot system. 

ince then, Jason expanded his team onto a full-on company made to investigate, research and develop revolutionary systems for the maximmum level of entertaintment in the palm of your hand.

ghout the years, we've worked with Amusement Parks (yes, even for the mouse himself.) , Casinos, Theatres, Restaurant Chains, even that one Bowling alley on Cross St.

On March 19th 1952, Mr. Pooltrick died of a heart failure. His son eventually
took over the Company. Honoring his father's legacy by pushing the limits of recent technology even further.

Along only some of the very best technicians accross America, we've been able to not o
nly develop games that manage to amaze our Client's minds, but we've managed to make our "games" develop a mind of their own, a cutting edge new method of Artificial Technology.



"A game breaker, is what it is. We're taking a new step in technology and entertaintment. Machines able to resemble the actions of a real life performer, and I'm not talking about singing or dancing, but rather interacting with it's audience and surroundings like a real person would. We may even be able to have our machines directly adress our clients by name via a recognition system we've been developing over the years."

-N.P.  Local 57, June 20th, 1974

In  CyberFun Tec
h, our main focus has always been putting a smile on the faces of children accross the U.S.

Our Company was made for all those small people with big minds, like our founder. That's why we're always open to work with people that can bring something new and innovative to
our offices.

If you or any friend of yours would like to work with us, feel free to apply to our "Technology of the Future" fair with a full prototype of your idea. One of our assistants will reach out to you a few days after your application in case you're elected to participate on the fair, we've met a lot of bright minds accross the year
s using this method since the 1960s.

(The 1982
Technology of the Future fair has been cancelled due to C.T. schedules and focus on greater projects. If you'd like to apply for the 1983 fair, feel free to give us a call.)